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Monday, October 29, 2007

Monday on Today 10/29

Sorry for the long gap between posts but it's been busy here and besides, I'm sure you didn't really miss much of importance on Today. Even if you did, they're sure to have another segment covering the same topic. They're known to repeat themselves quite a bit. There's only so much interesting material to cover. And speaking of material worth covering, how about those Red Sox? If you haven't heard already, they won the World Series last night after sweeping The Colorado Rockies. They won the same way they did back in 2004 after being down three games to none in the playoffs, they came back to win their next seven games and won the series. It was great. And I was up until after 1 watching the celebration. But it was worth it.

Moving on to what was noteworthy on Today. How about Asian eye surgery? Yes, some Asian women don't like the way their eyes look, so they're seeking eyelid surgery. Whatever, it's their money. They also showed some pretty cool Halloween decorations you can make yourself for your house and some fun stuff for the kids. Go the website at for more info.

Today's Relationships featured 7 Rules To Break such as the "Don't Get Jealous" rule--didn't know that one. Anyway, be territorial (according to the experts). Don't go to bed mad--break it. Sometimes it's better to sleep on it. That makes perfect sense. You can't always make up just because it's bed time. No secret crushes--it's okay to fantasize as long as you don't act on it. Wow him in bed--forget that, be selfish. Sounds good to me. Share everything--nope, you need solo time. I know the title said seven rules, but this is all they gave.

Trick or Treat: Ready For Some Halloween? This just showed some traditional and not so traditional Halloween treats like a candy apple kit, green apple candy corn, chocolate candy corn, chocolate skulls (white chocolate), edible jack-o-lanterns--not sure of the flavors, and chocolate spiderwebs. Some of these looked mighty tasty. For more visit the website.

And the show ended with the Toyota Concert Series featuring country music star Josh Turner. I guess they're doing this on Mondays now instead of Fridays. Not to mention it's inside since it's freezing out now--30 degrees when I put my son on the bus this morning. That's too cold for October.

And that's a wrap.

Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Tuesday on Today 10/23

This is an abbreviated version today since I missed most of the show. My toddler had her two year check-up today, so we had to leave early. New and noteworthy on the third hour was the first lady of California, Maria Shriver, discussing the emergency state that California is in because of those devastating wild fires. She was also holding a meeting of the spouses of the presidential candidates. As I'm writing this I'm watching a special edition of 20/20 about the fires. It's amazing how they can create ashes out of one house and leave the house next door untouched.

And one more thing to mention today was a segment called Heart Healthy: Know 5 To Stay Alive. This was about women's heart health. They say one in three women has heart disease or will develop it. Most people think of heart disease as mostly a man's problem but it effects just as many women. Just in different ways. So the five things you should know are: your blood sugar, which should be less than 100. That's news to me. I'm sure I've never even had mine checked. Cholesterol is important and should be less than 200. Eating a healthy diet is also on the list, which should include good fats like olive oil and canola oil. Exercise at least 30 minutes a day. Quit smoking and reduce stress. They didn't give any hints on how to do those last ones but I'm sure if you need help with either one you can easily find it online. Start with EFT--it's amazing. You can use it to help you with just about anything you can think of. Look in my sidebar under Things I've Tried That Worked. You won't be sorry.

And that's a wrap.

Friday, October 19, 2007

Friday on Today 10/19

Yesterday they had a special hour on the fourth hour of The Today Show all about surviving breast cancer. Since October is breast cancer awareness month, Hoda Kotb decided to share her video diary of her ordeal with surgery for her breast cancer. It was very inspiring. I called my sister to watch since she is battling the disease now. She was already watching and just starting radiation this week. My sister was getting chemo but her doctor stopped the treatment after the report that chemotherapy doesn't really help breast cancer patients much. Too bad she had to feel sick and lose her hair before they realized this. Anyway, they also had experts discussing the myths of breast cancer such as antiperspirants and bras cause cancer--they don't. But then again, nobody really knows what does cause breast cancer. More research needs to be done.

Today on the fourth hour they had segment on about cancer in dogs. Just because your dog gets cancer, doesn't mean it's a death sentence. There are so many treatments available for pets with cancer now. Jill Rappaport and her dog, Jack (who had cancer) were guests. Ironically, I also had a dog named Jack who had cancer. Her Jack had his whole leg amputated. My Jack had half his foot amputated. But my Jack's cancer came back internally and eventually killed him. I know as a dog owner that most of us would do anything for our precious animal companions. What they didn't mention was how much these treatments cost. I'm sure chemo and radiation aren't cheap. Surgery isn't either. But at least there are more and more options as long as you have the money or pet health insurance to cover the bills.

This week's Reality Check dished about Stephen Colbert announcing his run for presidency. Why not? Nobody could be worse than our current president. Imus is back on the air--good for him. Yeah, he made a stupid comment, but last I recalled, his title was "shock jock." That's why he's on the air in the first place. If you don't like it, don't listen. And of course everyone is talking about Ellen's doggy gate. If you haven't heard by now, Ellen Degeneris adopted a dog from a pet rescue, then decided it was too "rambunctious" for her so she gave it away to her hairdresser. This was not allowed by the rescue and she signed the contract agreeing that she would not give the dog away. She broke the rules and the rescue came and took the dog back. Then she balls her eyes out on TV, begging the agency to give the dog back to the people she gave him away to. I just have a couple of things to say to Ellen. First of all, get it together and try to do your show professionally without breaking down into heaving sobs on the air. Second of all, you agreed to give this dog a good home and then decided the dog wasn't worth your time. Shame on you, Ellen. I thought you were an animal lover. When you adopt a dog, it is supposed to be part of the family. It's a good thing you didn't decide to adopt a child. Adopting a dog is a major decision and should not be taken lightly. It is common procedure for adoption agencies to refuse to let the adoptive "parents" give away the pets they adopt. The agencies are there to make sure these animals go to good homes. You can't just give away a dog you've made the commitment to adopt. Somebody has to look out for these dogs. I have no respect for people who give pets away like clothing when they're done with them.

And that's my rant for today. Have a great weekend.

Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Tuesday on Today 10/16

New and Noteworthy on the third hour of Today was a segment about clothing with a cause. Levi's is making jeans with organic cotton and Nike has shoes made from recycled material. Great idea and kudos to them for doing something to help the environment. Also, October is breast cancer awareness month (I never know why they need a special awareness month; aren't we always aware?). Anyway, there are some special garments with symbols on them keeping the awareness campaign going. Good causes to think about before you go on your next shopping spree.

There was more noteworthy material on the fourth hour with Today's Relationships: How To Spot A Bad Man. Relationship psychologist, Brenda Wade, told women the signs of a narcissist, like needing attention all the time--a bad sign. So is emotionally taking more than he is giving. Her advice if you happen to be dating one is don't make him bigger and better than you. Don't rationalize or explain his behavior. Trust your feelings if you repeatedly feel hurt. And be prepared for a guilt trip or anger if you break up.

Soda And Bone Health: Does Drinking Cola Pose A Risk? Today diet and nutritional editor, Madelyn Fernstrom says it does only if you are drinking soda instead of milk. If kids are drinking a lot of soda, they're not drinking much milk. But she also said the effect of caffeine and phosphorus is negligible. So watch what you drink, get calcium fortified orange juice if you don't like milk or choose a calcium supplement with vitamin D if necessary.

Today's Money featured a segment called Don't Fall In Love With Your Stock. Obviously you have to let it go some time so don't get attached. I don't know why people would want to buy individual stocks anyway. Mutual funds are much easier and you don't have to worry what stocks are falling or rising. Jean Chatzky and Karen Blumenthal both suggested a diversified portfolio--today's page from the book of the obvious. And that's easily achieved with mutual funds, so there really isn't a need for this in the first place.

The Intellectual Devotional: A Daily Dose of American History is a new book by Noah Oppenheim for people who want to learn but don't have time to study. Sounds like a fun way to learn more about American History. Which is something we should all know.

Surprising Home Remedies showed some natural cures for common problems. For instance, ginger is great for gas and stomach upset. There are many ways to eat it or drink ginger tea. Apple cider vinegar eases digestion but you should dilute it because it tends to burn going down--sounds great. Garlic is helpful for lots of ailments but today they suggested using it to treat athlete's foot. Cayenne pepper is is good for a sore throat. Add 1/2 teaspoon in warm water. Wilted cabbage leaves help bruises heal and cinnamon may lower blood sugar. They also mentioned turmeric possibly for cancer, but I'm not positive about that. For that and more information about natural home remedies, go to the website at

And that's a wrap.

Friday, October 12, 2007

Friday on Today 10/12

New and Noteworthy on Today's fourth hour was a story in all the New York newspapers, "Naked In The City." Some guy was walking around the city without a stitch of clothing and the funny thing about it is not that he's totally care-free and walking around the crowded city in the middle of the day, but that people are passing by without so much as a second glance. Only in New York.

Next up was a segment called Coffee Talk: What does your order say about you? Some people--such as Finesse Mitchell who has a new book about dating--say that if you order something like a double mocha latte with skim milk, half a sweet and low at 140 degrees, then you're probably high maintenance. I don't know why Finesse Mitchell has written a dating book. He was on SNL a couple of years ago. I assume his book is humorous. But I think I'd have to agree with that assessment. If you're that picky about your coffee, then you probably need everything in your life to go just so and aren't happy unless they do. In other words, a complicated order, a complicated life. If it's your first date, you might want to order a little something less fancy. Or as Finesse says, order what you normally would so your date knows exactly what he's getting into. This was more about women than men, but I think the same could go for guys too.

Then they had on An Unlikely Love Story: The Tortoise And The Hippo. After the tsunami hit in 2004 an orphaned baby hippo named Owen became attracted to a 130 year-old giant tortoise named Mzee. At first Mzee didn't want anything to do with the baby hippo, but soon the two became inseparable. I don't know the name of the zoo they're in, but they are separated now for their own safety. They can still see each other though. I just hope they're still happy. They look so adorable together. It really is an odd looking couple.

And as with every Friday, we had a Reality Check with the lowdown on Lindsay who has just left rehab--how many times is this now? She has apparently fired her mother as manager. Maybe she's too much of a bad influence. Anyway, Lindsay's moving to Utah and they seem to think she can come back. Unlike Britney Spears who just seems to sink lower and lower every week. All anyone can say to her now is "Stop Driving!" Go get drunk and drug yourself into a coma, but don't put everyone else on the road in danger. I wouldn't be at all surprised to hear of her untimely demise in the near future due to an "accidental" overdose. Apparently, the hospital where George Clooney was treated at recently for the motorcycle accident leaked his medical records to the press. We didn't learn anything new here though. And there is going to be a Spice Girls reunion. As Toure says, does anyone really want to hear those songs again? I know I don't. And finally, anyone who has eyes can see that Jennifer Lopez is pregnant. Who is she trying to fool? And I wonder she's trying to hide it. She won't be able to much longer (if she is at all).

And that's a wrap. Have a great weekend.

Tuesday, October 9, 2007

Tuesday on Today 10/9

Hello and I hope everyone enjoyed a nice long weekend--for those who got the day off yesterday. New and noteworthy on Today was a segment about cell phones and children. Parent Alert: Are Cell Phones Bad For Children? A Swedish study found a link between cell phones and cancer in children who use them. A US doctor disputed those findings and says cell phones are safe. I question if that doctor was hired by Sprint or AT&T. The cell phone industry is huge and just like the pharmaceutical industry, heavily armed with powerful lobbyists. I don't think there will ever be a link between cell phones and cancer discovered in this country because the industry will have their own doctors dispute any claims made. The thing that bothers me is, cell phones are relatively new, especially to kids. Nobody knows for sure what the long term effects of regular use are. Why risk your kid's health just so you can keep tabs on them at all times? Is it really worth them possibly getting cancer later in life just so you can contact them any time you wish?

Blondie sang a song from her new CD. Her voice is a bit deeper but she can still hit the high notes.

A new study shows that bad relationships are bad for your heart if you're a woman. Which kind of goes along with that study recently in the news about women who don't have close friendships being at risk for heart disease. It's as bad a factor as having high blood pressure or being obese. And women who keep silent during disagreements with their spouses are also at risk. I guess it's true that bottled up emotions are not only a cause of depression but also heart disease. Sometimes I wish I could keep some of my emotions inside--just to avoid fighting so fervently. I wonder if arguing your point until you're in a rage is any better? The key to better heart health--as well as mental health--is learning to express your emotions in a more positive manner. It sounds easy enough but try to remember that the next time somebody does something to piss you off.

That's a wrap.

Friday, October 5, 2007

Friday on Today 10/5

Today was the big Today Throws A Martha Wedding event. I didn't see the ceremony but they kept showing the reception at Tiffany & Co. throughout the third and fourth hours. I thought it would be bad enough getting married on national TV but they have to do it first thing in the morning too. I wonder what time the bride had to get up to get her hair and make-up done, 4:00? I'm amazed they actually pulled it off without a hitch. It showed their first dance during the fourth hour.

Also noteworthy during the third hour was a new children's book by Maria Celeste called "The Magic Cane." It's kind of an old fashioned fairy tale complete with the "once upon a time" beginning and happy ending. Looks good if you want to give your kids something new that's a throwback to the original children's story. My two-year old daughter already loves fairy tales and saying "once upon a time." Check for the book with my Amazon search box if you want to learn more about it.

Scott Baio dropped by on the fourth hour to discuss his reality TV show, Scott Baio's Reality Love Life. I think the title pretty much sums the show up.

More interesting was a two-headed turtle named Limerick. He's actually Siamese twins with one head going one way, and one going the other. The poor thing/things looked like they were trying to take off in two different directions. I think Limerick is at some pet store in Manhattan if you want to see him/them in person.

It's Friday, so they had their weekly check-in with Reality Check: This Week In Pop Culture. Of course, there's Britney Spears who's been dominating the tabloids with no signs of letting up. At least Toure and Susie Essman weren't making excuses for her or feeling sorry for her. I'm so sick of people saying they hope she gets therapy and gets her kids back. Maybe the kids are better off without her? She obviously hasn't put them first in her life, so why should she be allowed custody? Then they moved on to Gary Craig's stupidity in coming up with all kinds of cockamamie excuses as to why his foot wandered away from his stall. Does he really think anyone is believing his bullshit? He should just admit he's gay and move on. What could be worse than looking like a lying moron? Then again, he is a member of the same political party as the idiot in chief. They also discussed The Knicks' sexual harassment, OJ, Cavemen (the show) and Rosie O'Donnell, but there's really nothing more to comment on.

And that's a wrap. Have a lovely Columbus Day Weekend.